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    Painting is an essential part of a building that a coat of fresh paint can lift the appearance of the entire structure. A well-painted building brings a positive feel to the entire surroundings, while a poorly done painting job steals the magnificence from the building. Hence, it is essential to take the help of professional painters for any industrial painting job. That is what we, Premium Painters, are offering you.

    Industrial painting jobs require precise workmanship and professional conduct. Premium painters have a team of well-qualified painters who are experts in the field. They have been doing painting jobs for a long time now that there is nothing in industrial painting that they do not know. Comprehensive solutions drawn in consultation with the client is one of the trademarks of Premium Painters. It is no wonder that builders, companies, property developers and other organisations seek our help in undertaking industrial painting jobs. We are team players and so, we are comfortable working with your representatives to make sure that the project goes on according to the plan agreed up on.

    We offer interior and exterior industrial painting jobs for various public and private organisations like nursing homes, schools, hospitals, colleges, shopping centres and office buildings, to list some. We offer our services to government institutions, manufacturing organisations as well as agricultural organisations.

    We offer various industrial painting functions like:

    We also offer an array of surface preparation methods like abrasive blasting, chemical cleaning, hand tool cleaning, power tool cleaning, power washing, scarifying, solvent cleaning and others. You will not find us messy and untidy. Once we finish the job, we leave the place as neat and tidy as possible.

    Why Premium Painters?

    We are the best in the town. We come with vast experience and expertise in both external and internal painting. Some of the reasons why you should choose us for your industrial painting needs are:

    Expertise – We know everything there is about industrial painting. There is no job we cannot handle in industrial painting – irrespective of the size and type of the job. We have years of experience to fall upon and our team of painters come with extensive training in modern painting techniques. So, we are able to offer you the right mix of experience and technology.

    High Quality – We don’t compromise on quality – ever. Hence, you will never see a low quality work from us. The quality is ensured by following stringent regulations and processes. Everything will be done according to the agreed plan. Our workforce is selected after careful screening and they are offered additional training to ensure quality of services.

    Environment-friendly – We know how important it is to keep our environment clean and green. We use environment friendly paints and materials. We use lead-free paints and ensure that they are free from CFC as well. Ample care is given to ensure that the VOC levels are also kept under the allowed limits.

    Affordable pricing – Premium Painters offer best quality services at affordable prices. Our prices are so competitive that even small industries and establishments can afford to hire our services. Often people relate high prices with high quality. We prove that high quality is not always expensive.

    Lasting effect – An industrial painting job undertaken by Premium Painters is guaranteed to last long. We offer commercial grade coatings, which make sure that you get a fine finish that can endure changing conditions.

    Flexibility – We bring in lot of flexibility to the job. We are able to formulate our plans according to your needs. You would find us open to suggestions at various stages of the work. We ensure prompt services, so that your business routine is least impacted by the painting.

    Safety – We don’t compromise on safety of both our painters and our clients. We take utmost care and preparation so that our job is done with high safety standards and precautions. Our workers are trained to carry out work in heights and are always required to follow safety precautions and wear safety gears as required. Qualified technicians would operate all machinery and equipment under adequate supervision.

    Some of the safety measures insisted upon by us:

    If you need more information, or require a free quote, or wish to hire our Industrial painting services, call us at 0414 783 339 to get in touch with us. You can also click here to contact us online. One of our representatives will soon contact you.



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