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    Your house is your world. It is but natural that you wish to decorate it in the best manner. Perhaps that is why you need a specialist painter to handle the painting jobs while redecorating your home. Premium Painters are the specialist residential painters who can offer a plethora of residential painting options for adding the beauty of your home.

    Whether your exterior walls need a fresh coat of paint or your interiors need a new theme to add to the excitement, or you need to redo the colour schemes, you need the services of a professional residential painter. Based in Sydney, Premium Painters is your one-stop-shop for all your residential painting needs. We know that a well-executed painting job do not just add colours to your walls, but it brings in a feel of hope and positivity.

    Residential Painting – Our Specialisation

    At Premium Painters, we know that each home is a world in its own. Hence, there can be no single solution for two different homes. We offer highly customised solutions to you so that your home retains its unique identity in the neighbourhood. Our team of expert painters will work in close association with you, so that all your needs are taken care of in the most professional manner. After we complete our work, your home will have a colour scheme that matches your personality and budget. When we work alongside you, there are no ugly surprises – everything will be planned in detail and the plan will be executed to the dot.

    Gone are the days when the walls at home used to sport just some randomly chosen colours. Today, every colour is chosen with care and in many cases, the walls sport some interesting themes as well. All this requires the services of a professional painter like Premium Painters. We will make sure that you get the right colours and themes for your walls. While painting the exteriors, we take care to use weatherproof paints so that your walls continue to shine as new for many years.

    Why Choose Premium Painters?

    Experience – Premium Painters come with years of experience. Our painters are well versed with various painting needs and techniques so that you are offered the perfect solution. Before we get on the actual work, we take the time to understand your requirement and devise our work plans accordingly. We take care to bring perfection in every stroke so that at the end of the work, your walls become prime examples of fine painting. Right from colour consultation and to maintenance, we will be right beside you with our expert opinion and experience.

    High-quality service – All our residential painting works are undertaken with high-quality standards. We don’t use substandard materials or inferior means of work. Instead, we bring you the best materials and technology that fits your budget. High-quality services at affordable prices have been our specialty right from the beginning.

    Caring for the environment – At Premium Painters, we value the environment we live in. Hence, we take care to use environment-friendly paints and colours in your home. We offer you lead-free paint so that your family stays as healthy as ever. We also ensure that there are no harmful agents in the paint used in your homes.

    100% satisfaction – Most of our clients come back to us whenever they need a painting job done. This customer confidence is the result of the 100% satisfaction that we offer to them. They do not hesitate to recommend us to their families and friends as well. Our team has an eye for detail and see to it that each job is performed with utmost care and perfection. The fact that we use only the best materials and equipment has also helped us to maintain high standards of work.

    Quick and easy solutions – We offer quick and easy solutions to you. We value your time and hence we take care not to waste it. Our planning and execution process is devised around your priorities and so we are able to offer you fast service. We would plan everything in such a manner that the project is completed within the agreed timelines.

    Your local service provider – We are placed near you at Sydney. As we share the same neighbourhood, we are in a better position to understand your specific needs and execute the project accordingly. We are capable of adapting ourselves to your needs and tastes. Hence, we are more open to the changes suggested by you. As we are based in Sydney, your painting needs can be addressed in as little time as possible.

    If you want to know more or need a free quote or want to employ our residential painting services, you can call us at 0414 783 339 to speak to our representative. You can also click here to get in touch with us online. We assure you that one of our people would get in touch with you soon.


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